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Rock Cycle
Plate Movement
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This picture is used to show how the three rock types are related to eachother. It also shows the steps it takes to make one rock change from one to another.
The Cycle:
1) Magma/lava comes out of the earth and cools, creating igneous rocks.
2) The igneous rocks get eroded, and break down into tiny particles called sediment. ( Igneous rocks can also form inside the earth. These are intrusive igneous rocks. Ignesous rocks on the surface are extrusive
3) The sediments settle at the bottom of streams, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc, and become compacted when more and more sediment is piled on top of the old sediment.
4) Next, the sedimentary rock can be over time be turned into metamorphic rock ( which is formed under the earth ). It can also be turned into magma, and the process will start all over again. Or, it will be eroded away, and turn into sediment again.
5) The metamorphic rock will either be melted into magma again, and start the cycle over, or it will be uplifted and exposed.